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  • AKSA Power Generation logo

    AKSA Power Generation

    Aksa Power Generation manufactures a wide variety of power generation systems, including both EPA and non EPA (50Hz/60Hz) generator sets. Aksa USA’s product line ranges from 9kW to 2,000kW diesel generators and 15kW to 425kW natural gas generators. As a global leader in the standby power systems industry, Aksa Power Generation has brought our manufacturing strengths to America in order to be the high quality and competitive price leader within our market segment. Aksa Power Generation has been manufacturing industrial generators for over thirty years. In this time, we have become experts in the power generation industry and is the 4th largest generator manufacturer in the world. Today, utilizing 12 international branch offices, we manufacture roughly 40,000 industrial generators annually for global consumption.

  • Generac logo


    Generac is the largest manufacturer singularly focused only on standby engine generators that run on diesel, natural gas and LP gas fuels. They are made with state-of-the-art controls and accessories to ensure systems operate safely and reliably. We provide control boards, microprocessor panels, outdoor enclosures, fuel tanks, batteries, chargers, breakers, radiators and genuine engine manufacturer parts.

  • Waukesha logo


    Waukesha makes prime power engines and power units that run on commercial natural, propane (LP), and low BTU (digester and landfill) gases. Engine control systems are available for monitoring ignition, detonation sensing and air/fuel ratio. We have critical spare parts such as pistons, filters and cleaners, cylinder heads, crankshafts, turbochargers, carburetors, regulators, spark plugs, lube oil systems and custom engine controls to ensure maximum uptime.

  • Mitsubishi logo


    Mitsubishi natural gas and diesel engines are engineered with advanced technology and available for vitually any application. Products range from light, compact models to durable, powerful industrial engines. They come with enhanced features for high efficiency and low fuel consumption. Low noise and clean emission exhaust systems are offered. Our Mitsubishi parts inventory includes piston rings, cylinder liners, connecting rods, fuel filters and air cleaners.

  • John Deere logo

    John Deere

    John Deere offers a tradition of engine manufacturing quality with its engines. They can handle the punishment of continuous duty contractor applications. In the most brutal conditions, engines equipped with flywheel fans for air-cooling and centrifugal pressure lubrication ensures long life. Certain models are designed for cold starting and are partially encapsulated and soundproofed. We can also arrange for spare parts such as short blocks, oil filters, glow plugs, fuel injectors and fuel pumps.

  • Lister-Petter logo


    Lister-Petter is a longstanding choice in the construction markets with engines well known for their rugged reliability. Hawkpower® brand portable gasoline engine generator sets and welders are available with recoil or electric starters. Deluxe and standard models are available. EPA and CARB approved, they are powered by quiet Mitsubishi gasoline engines. We carry long blocks, alternators, wiring harnesses, switches, water pumps, PTOs, fans, belts and starters.

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